Our history

“PESPA ALUMIN” ltd. was founded in 1990 in Albania by Mr. Lavdosh PETOSHATI. We are specialized in aluminum industry, with more than 40.000 m2 business premises and 23 production Units and 26 years of experience. We have more than 400 employees in Albania. Our activity is based on: Quality, Competitive Costs, Flexibility and Warranty!

Why we are competitive?

Pespa Alumin has:

1. Considerable Investments in Technology, Business premises, HR, Know-How.
2. Experience in aluminum industry, from 1990
3. Specialized Technical Office which guarantee best product performance.
4. Unique production process, as a close circle starting from the raw material with the extrusion lines to the final product.
5. Continuous quality control, offering final products with CE Standards.

Our Exports

We are selling in Albania and in many countries across the world with Franchisees network.

Our main exports are in: Greece, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Malta, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, etc. We also have expand our exports in African Countries, UAE, Canada, USA etc.